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Pioneer Solar Company In India

We provide end-to-end renewable energy solutions!

Refex Renewables, one of the best solar companies and a leading pioneer of the Indian solar industry, is rebuilding its business in India and globally. Bringing some of the best solar products in India, Refex Renewables company’s latest offerings will focus on distributed energy in C&I, rural energy (like solar water pumps), home and street lighting systems, SME, residential segments, and emerging technologies (like waste heat to power). We have built solar projects in 8000+ locations across 15+ states. We have achieved 25000+ installations and 50+ microgrid projects.

Refex Renewables is the top solar installation company and a leading innovative and personalized solar energy solutions provider. It provides solar power to residential and commercial complexes and businesses in urban cities & rural towns across the country. With 20+ years of experience and expertise in the solar pv industry, Refex Renewables is a specialist in design, execution, installation and maintenance of solar power systems. Whether it is a commercial complex or your personal living space, we provide high-quality and sustainable solar power plants. Refex Renewables envisions a future, where renewable energy is an affordable solution to sustainable living and creating an affordable uninterrupted supply of alternative energy is our contribution to a greener planet.

Solar Power Plant

We have built solar projects in 8000+ locations!

As one of the best solar companies in the country, we have built solar projects in 8000+ locations across 15+ states. We have achieved 25000+ installations and 50+ microgrid projects. Refex Renewables’s latest offerings will focus on distributed energy in C&I, Rural Energy (like Solar Water Pumps), Home and Street Lighting Systems, SME, Residential segments, and emerging technologies (like waste heat to power).


Why go solar ?

Apart from saving big on electricity bills, be at the forefront to promote sustainability by harnessing the sun and bring a significant change in the fight against climate change by advocating clean, green energy. With a specialized and customized approach to rooftop solar, Refex Renewables Infrastructure strives to build a greener and sustainable planet for our future generations. Solar panel installation made easier with Refex Renewables Infrastructure company.

Increased Savings

Increased Savings

You save more on your electricity bill and can avail of financing options for your rooftop from the top solar company in India.

25-year warranty

25-year warranty

We offer the best solar panels in India with a 25-year generation warranty

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

We offer you a 24/7-service support throughout the life of your solar panels

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking Monitor your rooftop plant with our Refex Renewables App!

Sustainable Power

Sustainable Power

Solar energy is an infinitely available, renewable energy

Commercial Solar System


Make a smart move by opting for solar energy integration in your commercial space. Our solar system can be effortlessly integrated with your existing power sources and will, therefore, help you save exponentially on your electricity bills. Also, benefit from high return on investment!

Rural Solar Solutions


With a mission to positively impact the lives of the economically weaker and unreached sections, we at Refex Renewables have installed more than 50 micro-grids and over 5000 installations of solar irrigation pumps across 15 states in India!



reduction of carbon footprint over 20 years 76* TONNES
Number of Trees saved in 20 years 129*

* Note: These are approximate values


When I decided to start using Solar Energy, I was approached by many companies but I chose Refex Renewables as they are reliable, the water pumps work well and I am very satisfied.

OVR Somasundaram,
Pollachi, Tamil Nadu

With Refex Renewables's solar water pumps, I've seen a four fold increase in my income. Our lives have completely been transformed. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Refex Renewables.

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