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Ignited to Innovate

About Us

Get smart, Go solar

isn’t just our slogan, it’s a part of our DNA.


Our Heritage


Leading Renewable & Green Energy Company

Energy has come a long way since it was discovered. We combined this discovery with technology, employing it in our various facets of life. Its value is incomparable and undeniable. But in the wake of climate change threats, we need to find alternatives to substantially decrease our dependence on conventional energy.

Refex Renewables Infrastructure company has a rich legacy in the silicon industry and was originally formed in 1959 with the establishment of the Monsanto Electronic Material Company (MEMC), a division of the multinational Monsanto Corporation. Initially, its business pioneered and focused on the manufacturing of silicon wafers for semiconductors in the burgeoning electronics industry.

  • 1959: Monsanto Chemical Company founded Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC) as a merchant manufacturer of 19-mm silicon wafers.
  • 1961: Dynamit Nobel Silicon, (DNS) builds a polysilicon and Czochralski ingot plant in Merano, Italy
  • 1962: MEMC pioneers the chemical mechanical polishing process (CMP). MEMC begins using the recently developed Czochralski (CZ) crystal growing process.
  • 1966: MEMC begins production 5 of 1.5-inch wafers
  • 1970: MEMC’s plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia begins producing 2.25- inch wafers.
  • 1979: MEMC introduces 125 mm wafers
  • 1982: MEMC develops EPI wafers for CMOS applications
  • 1984: MEMC begins producing 200mm wafers and builds a pilot plant
  • 1995: MEMC launches IPO
  • 2003: With perfect timing – just as growth in the PV industry begins accelerating, Refex Renewables company is founded as a commercial PV developer of PPA projects
  • 2004: MEMC enters a licensing agreement with Silicon Genesis Corp (SiGen) to manufacture wafers using SiGen’s layer transfer technology
  • 2004: PV industry demand begins to surge as crystalline supplies become constrained. Prices for wafers at >$3.00/Wp
  • 2006: MEMC agrees to supply Suntech Power with solar grade silicon wafers for ten years and receives a warrant to purchase a 4.9% stake in Suntech company
  • 2006: Polysilicon prices spike with spot prices at >$400/kilogram
  • 2009: MEMC acquires Refex Renewables company
  • 2010: MEMC acquires crystal growth technology company Solaicx for $66-million


With 60+ years of experience and expertise in the Solar PV industry, Refex Renewables is on a mission

  • To help create an uninterrupted supply of power without worrying about electricity bills with our solutions
  • To transform lives through innovation
  • To provide an affordable solar energy solution that comes with hassle-free monitoring and maintenance.

Refex Renewables is a specialist in the design, execution, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems. Whether it is a commercial complex, we provide high-quality and sustainable Solar Power plants. Our Research & Development team of industry experts continues to innovate and integrate sustainable energy solutions on par with international standards.

When prevention is the cure itself, let’s bank on our renewable resources to power our lives and save Earth!


Solar is the most secure, economic, and reliable source of energy. Refex Renewables will support your solar journey till the sun shines!

Refex Renewables has been one of the leading renewable energy development companies in the world since its establishment. A pioneer in this new paradigm of energy, with many firsts to our name, we think any institution needs a solid foundation to build upon. In this endeavor, our values have guided us and helped us grow exponentially.

As the market leader in the solar industry, Refex Renewables believes that solar renewable energy is crucial for every country’s bright and stable future and our vision encompasses the need for the country to go green.


Our Values

Refex Renewables has been one of the leading renewable energy development companies in the world since its establishment. Our values align to our purpose and empower every individual in the planet. They enable our culture and serve as a commitment of how we treat each other, our customers and partners.

Refex Renewables refines our corporate core values as

Solar Energy Transformation

Refex Renewables has been one of the leading renewable energy development companies in the world since its establishment. Being a pioneer in this new paradigm of energy, with many firsts to its name did notcome easily. We think any institution needs a strong foundation to build upon and our values have guided us, and helped us grow exponentially.


Global warming and climate change are a global threat to our times. Furthermore, the earth’s natural resources are finite, and human dependency on fossil fuels is not sustainable in the long run. The world needs more green energy, and we at Refex Renewables are striving every day to make solar power the norm.


Our clients trust us to give them the best in the market, and we take their trust seriously understand that innovation and quality go hand in hand. To that effect, we develop in-house or sometimes even learn and adopt the best practices to deliver truly world-class products and services.


No one solution fits all, and Refex Renewables realizes that perfectly. Hence we take utmost care to design each solar energy system considering many factors to suit each requirement. The functionality and output of a system are optimized only if the right design meets the right location, and Refex Renewables ensures this.


Unless there is a sensible ROI, solar energy will not be a viable option for many, and Refex Renewables has been trying to break this barrier since its inception. Affordable and uninterrupted solar energy for every household is a dream we are working towards.


Current technology

Refex Renewables pioneered the Levelized cost of energy production. Through constant innovation, we put in a great deal of effort to reduce the cost of every kilowatt of energy produced over the project’s lifetime. Each technology has its pros and cons, and we at Refex Renewables are well aware of it. So any solar power system designed by us takes into consideration, individual needs of the customer and deliver something that would fetch the best possible outcome of energy and an optimum return on investment to customer. Some of the technology that use to design our systems are:

  • Single-axis trackers could be vertical, horizontal, tilted, or polar aligned. They rotate on one axis, moving in a single direction to harness the energy of the sun.
  • Dual-axis trackers continually face the sun because they can move in two directions which maximize the output.
  • Module cleaning robots can be used where the cost and availability of labor are not easy. This type of automated cleaning is not only consistent but is water-free and sustainable. The ROI will be manifold in places where water and labor are scarce.
  • String inverters The advantage of using string inverters would be that you would require only one of them for a series of 6 to 10 panels. This would be cost-effective.
  • Micro-inverters The core advantage of using micro-inverters is that you can yield more solar electricity even if some panels are shaded due to each panel having its own unit.

Refex Renewables has adopted the Toyota production systems and lean techniques, due to which we can complete projects in the shortest amount of time possible. Where time is saved, money is also saved. Perfect examples of this would be

The 1st utility-scale project in Gujarat was successfully brought to light in 74 days.

The 1st canal top solar project in Gujarat was also completed in 80days.

Refex Renewables constantly strives to bring the cost down and fetch maximum RoI for our clients through innovations developed and adopted in-house.

Emerging technologies

Refex Renewables believes constantly upgrading our product portfolio and how well we put them to use for our clients will be the best thing we can do for them. Instituting world class technology into the solar power industry will bring immeasurable benefits to the world around us. We have been using the light from the sun to generate solar power; now with the use of some advanced technology we are moving towards harnessing the power of heat to generate electricity. A more sustainable living is what we are striving for every day and we believe using innovative technology such as

  • Thermoelectric Generator
  • Batteries for Storage
  • Waste Heat to power using organic rankine cycle ORC
  • Process waste to power etc will take us that much closer to our goal of a greener earth.
Service Offerings

Service Offerings

  • We provide end to end solutions
  • Design and engineer the output based on the area of your house
  • We strictly adhere to timelines, international quality and costing
  • We improve uptime to improve our products’ performance and function
Software Offerings

Software Offerings

  • We provide end to end solutions
  • Design and engineer the output based on the area of your house
  • We strictly adhere to timelines, international quality and costing
  • We improve uptime to improve our products’ performance and function


1.What are the legal requirements needed to install a solar plant?
No permits are required for installing an off-grid solar system but approval is required to install an on-grid solar system. This approval has to come from DISCOM, which allows you to connect to the grid. We will help you with this process to ensure you don’t have to strain yourself!
2.What is the minimum area required to install a rooftop plant?
In an area of approximately 100 sq.ft (10 sq. m), 1 kWp solar system can be installed. This space, however, has to be a shadow-free zone.
3.Is the energy that is produced, constant through the day?
No, the energy produced through the day is not constant because it depends on the sun. The energy generated by the solar panels is directly proportional to the sunlight captured by the solar panels.
4.How does a solar plant work?
Photovoltaic models solar panels, convert the light from the sunlight not the heat into electricity. This produces direct current or DC, which is converted into alternating current or AC by feeding it into an inverter. The inverter is connected to the main service panel. It is here in the main service panel that it feeds into the internal power grid.
5.What makes up the solar plant?

The panels, inverter, racking and solar battery storage unit are the four main components that make up the solar plant.

Panel: Made up of semiconductor material, the solar panels harness the light of the sun and convert it into DC.

Inverter: The DC that is generated by the solar panel is converted into AC by feeding it into an inverter. This is then wired into the equipment in the house, companies and businesses.

Racking: This is what attaches your solar panels securely to the rooftop! Solar battery storage: The solar battery stores the energy that is generated through the day to be used during the night; as the solar system cannot generate power at night.

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